To Help the Informal Figure out What to Wear to a Wedding

 - Sep 7, 2012
If you're the kind of person who never knows what to wear to a wedding -- maybe formal wear just isn't your thing -- let these examples of casual wedding wear lead you to your happily ever after. Whether you're a groom who would rather rock a tuxedo tee, a bride who prefers flip flops or a guest of the happy couple who lives in khakis, there's something here to help you bend to the rules of wedding wear without having to break.

A surprising amount of casual bridal wear is available for today's wedding attendee. In fact, the popular one-for-one brand TOMS shoes has an entire line of wedding-appropriate, comfortable footwear to help you celebrate true love without suffering the pain of pinched feet. Studded bow ties and feminine tuxedo onesies are also interesting options.