- Aug 8, 2011
Many people think of weddings as a blissful time full of happiness, but these wretched wedding depictions are enough to burst your bridal bubble. With titles like "abusive wedding photos" and "bondage brides," it's no wonder that the divorce rate in North America is over 50 percent.

With so many couples getting awful divorces, these wretched wedding depictions attempt to shed light upon the fact that married life isn't always bliss. Before tying the most famous knot in the world, a look at some of these wedding depictions would be a smart idea.

Implications - With the divorce rate continuing to climb, companies are being greeted with a consumer audience of divorcees. This vulnerable consumer audience could prove to be highly lucrative for businesses who create marriage-mocking or divorcee-devoted products.

From Abusive Wedding Photos to Bondage Brides: