From Sci-Fi Puppy Costumes to Designer Rodent Ensembles

 - May 13, 2013
If you love your pet, be it feline or canine, and wish you could demonstrate your love by giving your best friend a fun and unique present, then these wacky pet accessories are for you.

Some of these fantasy feline accessories would be perfect if you’re heading to a Game of Thrones viewing party and desperately wish you could take your feline friend, but are having trouble finding an appropriate costume. If your little buddy is a bit smaller, say, a guinea pig or a hamster, then check out the designer rodent ensembles available, which include fun getups like a ninja costume, wedding gown (complete with veil) and a straw-hatted farmer.

Regardless of your needs, these wacky pet accessories are sure to make your loveable little pal feel absolutely fierce.