- Nov 20, 2009   Updated: Apr 13 2011
OK I’ll be honest, I just really wanted to make a Maxim cluster. Every single picture found here will be of an extremely attractive woman. Therefore, I proudly decree the Maxim Magazine cluster the best cluster ever assembled by humans.

From vampiric beach poses to next-gen top models, check out all of the Maxim Magazinovations.

Implications - Maxim magazine has revived the men's lifestyle publication category with its seductive centerfolds and editorials, guy-centric service journalism and insightful instructional guides. Companies can appeal to the "bro" market by creating informational or useful products that cater exclusively to guys and reflect their converging interests in fashion, cars, drinking, productivity, etiquette and beautiful women.

From Vampiric Beach Poses to Next-Gen Top Models: