From Skateboard Seats to Aviation Furniture

 - Mar 2, 2011
DIY and eco-friendly enthusiasts are going to love checking out all of these upcycled furniture features. This top list is filled with the most innovative and creative pieces of upcycled furniture from the Trend Hunter archives.

For those of you who don't know, or may have forgotten, upcycling is when you take an old object and refashion it into something useful. It can be as simple as turning an old suitcase into a pet bed, or as complicated as taking the seat out of a MINI Cooper and turning it into a multimedia chair.

These upcycled furniture features are sure to inspire you to take a second look at what you choose to throw away and recycle. If a designer can turn a bunch of old PVC pipes into a bench, so can you! Although, you might want to set your sights a little more realistically when you first start out. I hear cardboard toilet paper rolls make badass-looking glasses.