From Rockstar Quiffs and Pixies to Faux Greaser Hair Top Knots

 - Jul 20, 2009   Updated: Aug 23 2011
Quiffs, greaser hairstyles and Elvis hair cuts are all essentially variations of the same lookâ€"short, hair off the neck, and extremely voluminous on top. It's like the retro beehive rocked by Amy Winehouse, but with a much more rock and roll edge.

This cluster examines some of these androgynous looks, ranging from puffy quiffs and greaser hair to pixie cuts and the easy way for girls with lengthy hair to fake itâ€"the top knot.

Implications - In the past several decades, the social roles played by women and men have become amorphous and largely irrelevant. Looking forward, this means that gender-unspecific products and designs will gain popularity as traditional gender conceptions are relinquished. Businesses that offer unisex goods will find that their target audience is growing larger by the day.