From Time-Telling Zippers to Naughty Mice

 - Jan 29, 2012
Peripherals designed after the female anatomy and zippered watches are just two of the many unconventional Andy Kurovets creations that can be seen here. Kurovets is a Ukrainian designer who specializes in designing offbeat, yet futuristic watches, mouses and phones.

The majority of these unconventional Andy Kurovets creations are watches. These watches are unconventional in every sense of the word. Many of them eschew wrist straps in favor of formfitting bangles and nearly all of them have a unique inspiration such as an hourglass, the aforementioned zipper or a maze. The watches are solid, but this designer's mouse and phone concepts should not be overlooked either. The future of the watch or the mouse may not be found here, but it is still great to see a designer consistently pushing the boundaries and thinking outside the box.