Trend De La Creme

 - Oct 28, 2008
Originality is a scarce commodity in the world of fashion blogging. It’s easy to feature the latest fashion ad campaigns and editorials, or to copy the idea of a post (and often the exact images) from another blog. Creativity comes when a blog is able to captivate an audience with original ideas and posts that are not found somewhere else. Such creative blogs are hard to come by on the blogosphere. That is why we are celebrating Trend de le Crème, an exciting fashion blog that has emerged onto the scene this past year with a bang.

‘Trend de le Crème’ creator Jill Sherman has built quite a following thanks to her uncanny ability to match the latest fashion trends with inspirations found in nature, architecture, animals and other sources.

Trend Hunter started featuring the unique talent of Jill Sherman back in April 2008, when her blog was under the name Trendinista. Two posts were by Trend Hunter Mediterranean who spotlit her creative pairing of the Rodarte collection with Siamese fighting fish and Diana Bobar dresses with endangered blooming Cyclamen flowers.  Jill Sherman later joined the Trend Hunter Community and posted some of her brilliant work.

Sherman’s unique talent had Trend Hunter Going Like Sixty scratching his head. He wrote, "It’s a special talent to recognize and remember the fashions and the birds. Either that, or she has a color recognition app for"

However, it wasn’t until Jill revamped her blog and re-launched it as Trend de la Creme that it really took off. The huge success is thanks to another special blogging talent. See, Jill has an eye for finding provocative sexy fashion trends. In addition to being one of the most successful posts on Trend Hunter, her discovery of ‘Butt Cleavage Fashion’ was featured in some of the hottest fashion blogs and magazines.

If you are new to Trend de le Creme, you can get a feel for the site from this cluster which features some of Jill Sherman’s viral finds and posts and make sure to bookmark the blog.