- Nov 3, 2009   Updated: Aug 17 2011
As the planet goes green, so too does our tendency to live closer to nature. And I'm not talking about your average backyard treehouse. More and more people are turning to tree-based architecture, creating hefty structures for homes and businesses that are nestled high up among leaves and foliage.

Is tree-based architecture the modern day high-rise? Check out this cluster which features everything from tree mansions to arboreal balconies, and judge for yourself.

Implications - Eco-friendly products are a great way for businesses to appeal to a large and constantly expanding demographic of people who are interested in leading a lifestyle that leaves as little of an environmental footprint as possible. Different ways of living comfortably are possible while still employing eco-friendly beliefs, and audiences are becoming more aware of these options.

Tree-Based Architecture, from Treetop Castles to Invisible Treehouses: