Top 10 Trend Hunter Slideshows + New Slideshow Mode

 - Aug 19, 2008   Updated: Jun 6 2011
Trend Hunter has just launched a new SLIDESHOW mode which makes it more enjoyable than ever to browse new trends. Unlike normal slideshows, you can dive deeper into any trend.

Check it out by looking at our Top 10 Slideshows this month!

Trend Hunters, any time you add ten or more related trends, your post will automatically be enabled with a Slideshow mode.

Implications - Some of the top slideshows of the month include outrageous global desserts, cutting edge instruments, biodegradable innovations and some ultra geeky Star Wars tributes. Whether you love food, celebs or nerd culture, you will definitely appreciate at least one of the featured top slideshows -- plus, you're guaranteed to learn something new!