From Provocative Germanic Pictorials to Half-Dressed Hipster Shoots

 - Dec 22, 2011
It may be a staple hipster accessory or an article of clothing that you only see your grandfather donning at formal family occasions, but the recent sexed-up suspender scenes frequenting magazines and advertisements are anything but geriatric.

It seems to help the sultry factor that many models are going topless under the slimming accessories but some suspenders are even doubling as snazzy vertical body jewelry. It's becoming the runway ensemble addition that manages to take grunge to glamorous and makes loungewear look luxurious. Suspenders have even been fashioned to offer some sag swag to those that allow their pants to hang dangerously low.

Don't totally rule out the elasticated-strap accessory or leave the look to the elderly because these sensualized suspender scenes will have you seriously second guessing that stigma.