From Super Heroine-Styled Sneaks to Pixelated Plumber Hero Lace-Ups

 - Oct 25, 2012
Slip these Superhero sneakers onto your feet and go out and save the world from impending doom with ease.

The awesomeness of inhumanly powerful characters have been taking over pop culture. New movies about lovable characters like Superman and Batman never cease to pull a large audience.With Halloween fast approaching, the streets will be flooded with numerous super-powered characters in colorfully eccentric tights and winged capes that fly behind like patriotic flags.

This collection of superhero sneakers incorporates villain-capturing designs with your favorite Marvel or DC heroine imprinted on the canvas of the shoe. There are also splashes of color that relate to the costumes and recognizable outfits that the world-saving heroes don when they are defending the earth from evil.