From Campfire Cake Pops to Tasty Twisted Treats

 - Jul 10, 2012
Summertime is perfect for creating the ultimate s'mores. At the next family cookout, backyard barbecue or campfire gathering, impress everyone with your ability to create the tastiest treats and delightful chocolately snacks.

From s'more concealed inside of a cookie to inside-out s'mores that are sure to muck up your hands in the tastiest way possible, s'mores have gotten a creative makeover by foodies around the world. The s'mores made from within a mason jar an extra special touch of perfection that is both aesthetically pleasing and a mouth-watering venture. With dozens of creative recipes to creating the ultimate chocolate/marshmallow/graham cracker perfection, you're sure to make this summer a spectacular wonder of yummy goodness.