From Playfully Salacious Photoshoots to Lazy Stay-At-Home Shoots

 - Jul 23, 2012
This collection of sultry smokey eyed stunners shows how a little extra eye makeup can go a long way.

Oblivious boys may think the raccoon look to be unbecoming, however, in the fashion world, the smokey eye is a strategic instant addition of allure and seduction. Black powdered eyes are not an easy look to master, with the subtle gradient taking a careful hand and practiced patience. However, if done right, the hooded eye adds clouds worth of mystery, which gives even the most innocent looking girls an air of femme-fatale.

Where the smokey eye is appearing mistakenly more and more often is in the halls of elementary and high schools. Younger girls incessantly vie to look older but instead look like they are sporting a black eye.