These Strange Lights are Made for Function, Novelty and Atmosphere

 - May 12, 2016
Lighting is important everywhere we go and with these strange lights, function and character come together in a seamless union.

Included are space-themed lava lamps that light up Star Wars fans' rooms with a red galaxy, including orbiting space ships and iconic movie characters. The world's smallest flashlight is the size of a matchstick and emits the light of a candle for eight hours and is another favorite.

While minuscule 'BULLET' LED flashlight attaches to keychains to provide light anytime, the 'Pizza Night Light' does exactly as it name says and provide rooms with the greasy glow of a cheesy slice of pizza. These are just a few of the strange lights gaining attention in today's market and are the perfect way to add a focal point to children's rooms or quirky living room areas.