From Comedic Branded Webisodes to Aspirational Lifestyle Ads

 - Jul 9, 2015
Being able to tell a story is an ancient art that used to be reliant on retelling by word-of-mouth, and in a sense, storytelling marketing today still is, but in the form of social sharing and social media. Whether it's for a battery brand, a bank or an online streaming service, in order to create content that fans genuinely want to share, brands are creating stories that resonate with consumers on an emotional level.

By nature, many storytelling marketing campaigns are authored by a brand, but Volkswagen's 'Custom-Made' commercial is a unique one that lets viewers dictate the length of the tale told, based on the time they have available for watching.

Although video formats have proven to be powerful tools for telling a story, print ads and billboards from XtraSpace storage and IKEA furniture show that there's meaning behind every rental or purchase. These ads show the role of their respective companies when people move in with a significant other, prepare to have a child or become obsessed with a new hobby.