- Oct 26, 2011
I can already feel the ears of the uber-organized across the country perking up over all of these sticky note-inspired innovations. The sticky note is easily one of the greatest office supplies ever created. The only way to make it more awesome is to take it out of the office and use it as the basis for everything from fashion to furniture.

Fortunately, quite a few designers have done just that. Each of these sticky note-inspired innovations is inspired by the famous office essential, yet none of them belong in a cubicle. While Post-It Notes shaped like a lion is awesome, a Post-It Note dress or pillow is even better. The sticky note will always be known as an office supply, but it is slowly making a name for itself outside of the work world, as evidenced by all of these sticky note-inspired innovations.

From Faux Stationary Fashion to Time Teller To-Do Lists: