Switch Notes are Strategically Placed Personal Memos

 - Jun 28, 2011
References: suck.uk & fancy
You may remember to turn off the lights on your way out the door, but if it wasn't for your stack of tactically stuck Switch Notes, you might have forgotten to pick up your dry-cleaning, or perhaps even a child.

Suck UK is selling yet another very simple yet ingenious product designed to keep consumers on the ball. The pad of sticky notes has been shaped to take an elongated form with a rectangular hole in the middle so that it can be fasted fittingly to the switchplate of your overhead light switch. So long as you're in the habit of conserving energy, Switch Notes will prove optimally effective for keeping your chores in check.

Implications - Despite the notepad and memo apps on smartphones, consumers still appreciate in-your-face messages that crop up on relevant locations. To satisfy this simple need, smartphone application designers may wish to attempt a location-based program for alerts and reminders.