From Sweet Campfire Confections to Gooey Marshmallow Macaroons

 - Apr 28, 2013
There is something perfect about the classically delicious combination of marshmallow chocolate and graham crackers, and these divine s’more recipes are so incredible it's difficult not to go a little crazy over them.

The ratio of chocolate to marshmallow is precisely perfect in each of these wonderful creations, which is what makes them so irresistible. Whether you’re baking graham cracker cupcakes or infusing a coffee drink with thick marshmallow fluff, your sweet tooth will be sensationally satisfied.

From buttery marshmallow bites to batter-infused campfire treats, these delicious dessert options have taken flavor queues from the classic campfire snack. With snacks like nutty campfire candies and tasty twisted chocolate treats, it will be easy to fill your summer nights with any of these sweet variations of chocolaty marshmallow snacks.