From Humanimal Sidekicks to Blockbuster Bromances

 - Jun 3, 2010   Updated: Jul 25 2011
Sidekicks finally get top billing with these super sidekick features. No more living in the shadows, sidekicks.

Being a sidekick can be a thankless job. Constantly playing second fiddle is no fun at all. These super sidekick features put the "second bests" in the spotlight where they belong. Enjoy your moment.

Implications - You can be Batman to my Robin takes on a whole new meaning with these super sidekick features which at the very least, put iconic duos on equal footing and showcase the importance of the sidekick to the evolution of a storyline. In film history, the sidekick often goes unrecognized for his contributions, but these interpretations ensure this is no longer the case. Shining the spotlight on their accomplishments, these features will have you rethinking the movies you thought you knew.