From Human Belly Branding to Stealthy Booze Dispensers

 - Jul 1, 2009   Updated: Aug 10 2011
Sure, we've all seen gratuitous photo sets that focus on the midriff, but what about other, more bizarre ways to show off your belly? For the brave, branding and scarification show off your stomach in (bizarre) style.

For pregnant women, there are a number of innovations that let you showcase your bun in the oven with colorful paintings, silly Halloween costumes and even cakes. Check out these and more in the slideshow below.

Implications - Recent generations don't share the same anti-body modification beliefs as their forebears -- on the contrary, young consumers today are entirely enamored by tattoos and piercings. Because body-mods involve a multitude of different industries, there are opportunities for almost every business sector to benefit form the increased approval of bodily exposure and modification.