From Infant Sleeping Pods to Nursing Companion Apps

 - Sep 30, 2015
These September 2015 babies trends range from smart baby onesies to infant acne creams that are organic and free from harmful additives. As parents grow more health and ingredient-conscious, they are not only paying close attention to what they consume and use on their skin but are also ensuring that they are investing in safe and sustainable baby products.

Standouts include the FATFACE Baby Butta -- an all natural baby cream that smooths and moisturizes irritated skin without any chemical ingredients. The lotion is made from a blend of essential oils and veggie ingredients like avocado.

In addition to organic products, these September 2015 babies trends also include tech-powered toys, sleep aids and health devices. From thermometer apps to vibrating crib pads, the month's infant products are getting a high-tech overhaul and are designed to appeal to tech-savvy, millennial parents who's cautiousness is heightened after having a newborn.