From $20,000 Kisses to Messy Hair Photo Shoots

 - Jul 21, 2009   Updated: May 19 2011
Frankly, if you don't know Robert Pattinson, you've been living under a rock. The star melted teenage hearts everywhere when he played Edward Cullen in 'Twilight.'

Since Robert Pattinson invaded movie theaters everywhere with 'Twilight', he has been on magazine covers and at events around the globe. Here are 10 of those moments that are sure to further melt tween hearts.

Implications - Robert Pattinson has reached icon status. When a celebrity reaches this level, innovations such as posters and cartoon celebellishment begin to surface. Additionally, if a celebrity is seen as a teen heartthrob, the odder the memorabilia will be. Bizarre ideas will be used to capitalize on the icon's fame.