From Sci-Fi Gaming Consoles to Robotic Gizmo Ports

 - Nov 10, 2011
R2-D2 may be over 40 years old, but the little droid is still as popular as ever as indicated by all of these geeky R2-D2 tech adaptations. R2-D2's iconic design has been used to create everything from hoodies to boardgames. While I am a huge fan of R2 apparel, I believe that the most fitting tributes are the techie ones.

An R2-D2 Xbox 360 or Droid phone just seems right. R2-D2 was after all the Jack-of-all-trades in the Star Wars universe; it only makes sense that his look would be used on all sorts of geeky gadgets such as flash drives and USB hubs. If you can't get enough of R2-D2 or killer gadgets, then you definitely want to check out all of these R2-D2 tech inspirations.