From Quilted Pillow Scarves to Retro Bubble Jackets

 - Dec 15, 2010   Updated: Mar 22 2011
Everyone needs a good stylish winter jacket to brave the harsh winter weather so puffy winter fashions would be perfectly suitable for this purpose. Stylish and filled with warm down feathers, these puffy designs will never cease to die because of their strength to be warm.

From quilted pillow scarves to retro bubble jackets, let yourself snuggle up to one of these puffy winter fashions.

Implications - Function is rapidly becoming fashionable, defying the age-old battle between adornment and practicality. Smart, yet stylish consumers know that it simply isn't acceptable to be uncomfortable anymore, and thus are finding a happy medium that allows these two factors to co-exist. Puffy winter fashions are a perfect example, as they represent a fashion fad that is considered stylish because those who follow it are unabashed about being practical.