From Runways to Bottomless Self-Portraits

If you want to make a statement then just follow suit of these provocative pantless productions. Sometimes pants can be constraining, and this list encourages the need for their removal because working in just underwear is not only more comfortable, but also liberating. Bring the look outside the indoors in order to garner attention from unsuspecting passersby, and just use the Reebok 'No Pants Day' advertisements as an example. People proudly showed off their bottoms in public, helping to elevate any tensions.

Pantless runways are stealing the limelight at fashion weeks around the world. Designers such as Prada and Carin Wester are willing to take the risk and remove the trousers from the equation to make bold fashion statements, while iconic magazine publications such as Vogue do not shy away from bottomless fashion photography to have a talked-about issue.

Do not fear these provocative pantless productions for they soon could become the norm.