From Multi-Colored Homemade Waffles to Crayon Box Cakes

 - Jun 11, 2013
If you are hosting a party in honor of Toronto’s Gay Pride Week, like rainbow-colored sweets or just have a knack for baking, these pride week edibles are scrumptious. All it takes is a simple look at these snacks and a mouthwatering reaction will be induced. It is the only reasonable way to respond to such a sight.

For those who prefer a multi-hued breakfast, bite-sized options or a whole entire polychromatic cake, these pride week edibles look almost too good to eat. In all honesty, you will probably eat them no matter how delicious they look because they are just that good. Pack up some of these pride-inspired pastries when you head downtown or have some friends over and put these rainbow goodies out while partake in the parade from afar. With the amount of sugar that’s needed to make some of these sweets, your energy level will be through the roof.