From DIY Pet Pampering to Vegan Pet Soaps

 - Sep 7, 2015
Pets deserve to be taken care of as much as their owners are and with these pet products, it is fairly easy to mollycoddle your furry friend. These pet-friendly products are made for overindulging cats, dogs and even horses.

Like people, pets also need to be protected against the sun's harmful rays. The relaxing Coola sunscreen spray is made to cool down dogs and horses with a calming mist that becomes a shield against UV radiation. Also for dogs, the Jorge Bendersky x M.Boutique Collection features a line of pet products made from natural ingredients.

For pet owners that would like to bond with their animal during a pampering session, a Starbucks-inspired soap is an alluring beauty product that can be used on people as well as animals.