From Minimalist Christmas Mangers to Gambling Writing Tools

 - Dec 28, 2012
These peculiar Sebastian Bergne designs are guaranteed to make you think twice about everything from your rulers to your pencils. Bergne is a British designer who normally puts his efforts into designing products for the kitchen. However, the renowned designer has also created a variety of other products, including an artistic piggy bank and a calendar that also doubles as a measuring stick.

The great thing about all of these peculiar Sebastian Bergne designs is that they aren't overly artsy. The designer takes a unique approach to each piece he creates, but he somehow manages to make his work approachable for design neophytes. Whether you're a hardcore fan of modern and minimalist Nativity scenes, or if you just like quirky rules, chances are that you'll find something to capture your attention among all of these peculiar Sebastian Bergne designs.