From Recycled Newspaper Flats Shoes to Boxy Origami Heels

 - Nov 25, 2012
Paper footwear is fabulous, thrifty and eye-catching even if it might not hold up after a few strolls down the block.

The one thing that the Japanese art of Origami has taught people is that paper is able to become anything you want it to as long as you make the right folds. Keeping this statement in mind, this creative collection of shoes showcases out-of-the-box sneakers, heels, and flats that use paper as their main component. Colorful sheets of paper are folded and combined to make a pair of vibrant pumps that are runway fabulous. Converse All Star sneakers are even given a cardboard makeover.

The paper footwear might not be able to hold up in the rain, but they chic enough to be displayed on a mantel.