From Felt Flapjacks to Automated Breakfast Machines

 - Nov 11, 2011
There are few breakfast dishes that are more beloved than a healthy stack of good 'ol flapjacks, and if these pancake-inspired finds are any indication, the allure of the breakfast treat goes well beyond the breakfast table. From revamped recipes to ingenious pancake-making contraptions, these breakfast-friendly petite cakes have certainly made a lasting impact on modern culture.

A hefty plate of tasty pancakes inspires nostalgia and cozy comfort. From the bizarrely shaped flatjacks you cautiously created for your mother on Mother's Day to the lemon ricotta-infused numbers you whip up on lazy Sundays for your honey, pancakes are the perfect picture of loving domesticity. Due to the fuzzy feelings this flat breakfast food evokes, flapjack-inspired furniture has emerged as well as a wealth of other curious creations.

Sure to put a smile on the face of all-day breakfast connoisseurs, these pancake-inspired finds are so sweet there is no need for syrup.