From Designer Pajamas in Public to Onesies for Adults

 - Jan 30, 2012
While retro styles that have been inspired by the 1950s and glamorous shows like 'Mad Men' have been taking over the fashion industry for a few seasons now, these pajama-inspired styles are making their way into the mainstream.

Rather than pouring yourself into uncomfortable, body-conscious pieces, or even worse, skinny jeans, why not get cozy and comfortable in these pajama-inspired styles? If wearing sleepwear in public isn't really your thing, there's no reason to fret because many of these editorials don't actually feature pajamas. Instead, designers are jumping on the bandwagon and creating outerwear that is simply inspired by sleepwear, whether that means the pattern, fabric or cut of the clothing.

Sure, sometimes it's fun to dress up, but sometimes you just need to be comfortable, and that's where these pajama-inspired styles come in.