From Oddball-Patterned Blazers to Printed Hipster Espadrilles

 - Nov 23, 2011
It's hard not to love a few paisley designs every now and then. The pattern used in these designs, which is originally from Indian, Pakistani, and Persian in origin, is now often associated with cultures like the country music movement.

The print, which is made up of several twisted teardrop-looking figures, gets its name from the city of Paisley in central Scotland. Many American traditionalists, and especially quilt makers, tend to refer to paisley print as "Persian pickles" or "Welsh pears."

These days, paisley designs can be found on virtually everything, from iPhone covers to shoes and even outerwear. The print is usually seen as being soft and delicate, but as this gallery of pretty paisley designs demonstrates, paisley can actually be quite chic and fierce.

Take a look to see all the different ways you can style the print.