- Jun 23, 2013
When you're shopping for new cosmetics, the first ones that will catch your attention are the uniquely packaged beauty products. In a competitive packaging market, we see packaging companies doing whatever they can to stand out among the pool of other products, some even replicating food. Whether online or in a drug store, many cosmetics mimic the appearance and scrumptious appeal of popular foods.

Soap is a product that is particularly easy to shape into realistically detailed food shapes. The Cinnabon-shaped soap made by Etsy store owner Aubrey Elizabeth immaculately mimics a cinnamon roll. The cleanser even smells like cinnamon; it was hand-made out of vegan ingredients. Other delicious-looking soaps include the breakfast platter soaps. It's unbelievable how intricately they are carved and colored to look identical to sunny-side-up eggs and bacon strips.

From Cinnabon Cleansers to Caviar-Replicating Skin Oils: