From Outdoor Picnic Tables To Foldaway Suitcase Stands

 - Nov 18, 2012
Classic outdoor picnic tables have come a long way over the years, transforming into many variations on the classic family eating ground.

As a center of family congregations, the picnic table is typically thought of as a standard wooden table with benches on each side. Although they are often found in parks, picnic tables are popping up in urban centers as a casual dining/resting area.

Far from these standard models are more vibrant colorful picnic tables that scream "come eat here" rather than fade into the background. These kind of loud picnic tables double as their own centerpiece!

Also available are mobile picnic tables, some of which fold up neatly into a suitcase. There's even playful outdoor picnic tables. A see-saw table is available that will definitely have the kids playing with their food as they go up and down.