From Iconic Puppet Shaker Sets to Miss Piggy Pumps

 - Mar 18, 2013
These Muppet-inspired products are an amazing representation of the kind of popularity and widespread recognition these lovable puppet characters have had on children and adults alike.

The Muppets represent a time when television and film were still utilizing old school media and techniques, such as puppets being handled by actual onset people. A lot of dedication and practice goes into bringing these Muppet characters to life, and their comical and light-hearted onscreen presence has definitely garnered their fair share of fans. These adorably designed Muppet-inspired products are a great way for hardcore fans to pay tribute to these nostalgic creatures, and teach the newer generation of youths what kids television shows used to be like.

From smartphone docking stations shaped like Kermit the frog to glamorous pink heels inspired by Miss Piggy, these wonderful products are able to keep the Muppet spirit alive even after the show has gone off the air.