From Extravagantly Groovy Pumps to Cute Biker Boots

 - Dec 18, 2012
There is one thing that might strike you right away when browsing through the collection of Miu Miu shoes and that is the fact that the company knows how to attractively bedazzle footwear. From lace-up sneakers to oxfords and pink leather heels, Miu Miu adds a little glitz and glam by sprinkling on shiny sparkles all over the exterior of its shoes.

The shoes that don't receive the fairy godmother treatment are stunningly clad in bright colors or given a crazy yet flattering silhouette. Nothing says stunner like a pair of Victorian style cut-out stilettos with a silver pointed toe.

Whether you're into having your footwear shine like a disco ball or you want something with an interesting shape, Miu Miu shoes are accessories to consider.