From Checkered Hipster Packs to Sleek Simple Carriers

 - Oct 27, 2011
Simplicity and function go hand in hand to create some of the most modern, mellow minimalist cases. In order to make the task of carrying things around easier and less bulky, these carriers lack extravagant embellishments to give room to plain details and simple, functional designs. Elegant and practical, these holders have all that is needed to transport your precious belongings.

These minimalist cases manage to combine a clean look with all the necessary pockets and details to beautifully accessorize any outfit. For longer trips, unadorned suitcases are an ideal companion as you can easily take them everywhere and rest assured that your entire outfit matches harmoniously. For shorter trips, a basic, but chic money carrier is all that is needed to surf the urban jungle.

These mellow minimalist cases are made with the essential materials to be fashionable and useful pieces to facilitate everyday life.