TheBétaVersion Offers a Series of Box-Bags to Suit Everyone's Tastes

 - Oct 25, 2011
References: thebetaversion & facebook
TheBétaVersion and Dombon-a-Tanya's Box Couture Collection is so cool I can’t wait to see it on the streets of Budapest, where the Hungarian accessories brand is from.

The Box Couture accessories collection consists of a line of handbags, backpacks and messenger bags of the most unusual material; the pieces are made of fine wood and small leather details.

The collection has a minimalist, simple wooden bag for everyone in the family. Modern Dads can carry around their high-tech gadgets in a wooden computer case (with additional slip-in opening for the smart phone); Moms might go to the park at lunch time carrying a compact, functional, wooden picnic box with all the picnic apparel inside. Young teenagers can bring along the essentials in cute wooden messenger bags and small children can hide all their school stuffs in an old-school wooden back pack by TheBétaVersion and Dombon-a-Tanya.