- Jun 26, 2013
Combining ice cream and sugary treats to make an iced cold beverage is the perfect way to spend a hot summer day, and these refreshing milkshake recipes will definitely offer you some great tips on how to spice up these classic drinks.

Traditionally, milkshakes were the types of desserts that were often served at vintage diners and classic ice cream parlors, but the popularity of these refreshing beverages has resulted in numerous restaurants serving up these scrumptiously cool treats in new ways. What could be better than drinking something made with such goodies as ice cream, milk and flavored sweets?

From movie theatre milkshakes made with popcorn to those infused with alcoholic beverages, these inventive milkshake recipes will definitely have you feeling cool during the hot summer season.

From Alcoholic Ice Cream Shakes to Sweet Campfire Drinks: