From Festive Wine Stoppers to Eco-Religious Lighting

 - Dec 22, 2011
The Festival of Lights is that awesome eight-day holiday upheld by the Jewish faith involving the iconic lighting of candles, and these marvelous Menorah modifications make the celebration even more eventful.

As if eight whole days designated for festive fun wasn't enough, when it comes to lighting the daily candles there are now twists to the classic Menorah that totally up its cool factor. Take the sci-fi-inspired Star Wars Menorah, complete with a Stormtrooper base and lightsaber-styled candlesticks, or the eco-conscious LED Motherboard Menorah that is fire hazard-free.

When it comes time to heat up the Hanukkah decor, testing out one of these Menorah modifications is a neat way to put a non-dradle derived spin on tradition!