Gam-Showing Styles Megan Fox Could Really Rock

 - Jun 9, 2009   Updated: Aug 18 2011
At the recent ‘Transformers’ premiere in Tokyo, Megan Fox rocked a purple dress people are talking about.

As a result, Megan Fox is the inspiration for this top 15 list of leg-baring looks. While Megan Fox would look ridiculously hot in anything, she has great legs and knows it. From liquid leggings to wild tight pants, these looks are all great styles for the star.

Check out this Megan Fox inspired list of leg-showing styles.

Implications - No longer trying to blend in with subtle styles, consumers are looking for ways to stand out. Designs that are revealing without being controversial appeal to shoppers who want to differentiate themselves from others. Companies could develop more designs like this to increase their appeal.