- May 25, 2019
These May 2019 games trends from social network gaming services to virtual reality casino games. While examples like Snapchat's Snap Games service allow users to compete with friends directly via the social media platform, Didsbury Casino's Ultimate VR Driving experience is an immersive alternative to traditional gambling games. The platform allows players to access a vast car library of both sport and luxury vehicles and allows for solo or multi-player challenges.

Other May 2019 games trends to note include the pixelated Stranger Things 3 game which is an homage to retro arcade classics from the 80s and 90s. Similarly, Tastemakers' range of personal arcade machines revives iconic consoles and will appeal to lovers of nostalgia.

Professional eSports backpacks and relaxed eSports chairs round off this list of game innovations and speak to consumers' growing desire for niche eSports merchandise offerings.

From Social Network Gaming Services to Virtual Reality Casino Games: