From Flammable Celeb Busts to Matchstick iPad Pens

 - Jan 13, 2012
For many people, matchsticks are simply a way to start fires, but one look at this collection will take you by surprise as there are, apparently, numerous ways to use matches in art.

From matchstick fortresses to matchstick armadas, matchsticks are used to replicate monuments and celebrity sculptures. Also, this fire-starter has been used as a form of art where thousands of matchsticks were used for the Mexican PSA ads to create portraits of terrified children.

Apart from that, the matchstick even inspires jewelry. The 'St. Kilda Light My Fire' earrings take inspiration from the matchstick design. As such, the common matchstick has been used for many matchstick creations and even inspires accessories, furniture and marketing. You too can fire away some matchstick design, but just be sure not to burn down the house.