From Golden Nugget Pops to Luxury Cognac Cupcakes

 - Jul 25, 2013
These luxurious dessert recipes are perfectly suited for anyone looking to create some posh and extravagant treats for their next dinner party or gathering.

While baking up a batch of cookies or a festive pan of cupcakes is definitely one way to satisfy your sweet tooth, these luxurious dessert recipes are more for individuals to want to take their treats to the next level, by incorporating lavish designs and over-the-top ingredients. Why not go that extra mile and make your desserts the talk of the town by infusing some of these extravagant methods into the process?

From golden nugget pops that are lavishly covered in 22 karat gold to campfire desserts topped with gourmet ingredients such as coconut, these luxurious dessert recipes will definitely add an extravagant touch to any meal.