- Jun 28, 2012
Product evangelists will go to great lengths to show off their brand loyalty with creations like these devoted logo manicures. If you are nuts about Ryan Gosling, why wouldn't you wear him on your fingertips?

Product placement has become so widespread that it is a part of today's growing urban landscape. Everything from movies to sports arenas are filled with cleverly subliminal ads, vying for your attention. Nail art has also grown in popularity over the years, so the emergence of logo manicures proves brand allegiance still exists today. It takes a great deal of dedication and patience to devote your digits to a singular company; however, the results are sure to have heads turning and envious fans asking how you came up with such a clever creation.

Whether you prefer chic Chanel nails or Twitterific tips, these logo manicures are a bold way to boast your brand loyalty.

From Fierce Avian Fingertips to Nail Art Advertising: