From Hi-Tech Lifesavers to Water Strider Rescue Boats

 - Dec 7, 2011
Swimming at the beach is now safer than ever thanks to all of these lifesaving lifeguard creations. For years now, lifeguards have had to use substandard equipment and above-average bodies to save lives. Designers have been hard at work creating new gadgets designed to give lifeguards a helping hand.

One big issue for lifeguards is time. It takes time to swim out to a floundering swimmer and time to bring them back to shore. Many of these lifesaving lifeguard creations cut that time drastically. Life preserver launchers allow lifeguards to shoot floatation devices at swimmers and R/C life preservers let them rescue a swimmer from the safety of shore. As long as there are beaches there will be a need for lifeguards. Here's hoping that technology continues to make it easier and safer for lifeguards to do their jobs.