Molnarka by Daniel Lorincz is Fit for Saving Struggling Swimmers

 - Sep 8, 2011
References: & designbuzz
Humans are unlikely to tame the ocean anytime soon, which is why vessels like the Molnarka by Daniel Lorincz can really come in handy. A lifeguard on duty at the beach won't mean accidents are less likely to occur, but with a conveyance such as this, rescue missions would certainly be much more successful.

The gangly watercraft is lightweight and mobile, featuring a compact deck and three flanking rafts that keep it afloat. These buoyant feet are attached to the hull of the boat by bicycle-like braces, and can separate or come together to lift the core over the water. At a height of 4 meters above sea level, the Molnarka by Daniel Lorincz can offer rescuers an opportune perspective of a situation below, and effectively and noticeably flag down emergency motorboats in times of crisis.