- Jul 14, 2019
A lot of the July 2019 youth examples are oriented toward supercharging a child's creativity and promoting the development of skills in the digital environment. Starting kids on playful know-hows about STEM is a great way of channeling their curiosity, embracing their imagination and encouraging them to learn. 'Winky' is one such product. It is an educational robot that is geared toward satisfying play time for kids ages five to 12. Its visual programming interface challenges and tests the coding capabilities of users.

Other July 2019 youth trends take on a more design-forward approach to entertainment. The Baby Art Gallery, for example, is a great way of teaching children about art history, while Wonderbly's search-and-find adventure book embraces whimsical illustrations in a personalized manner.

From Science-Focused Youth Programming to Kid-Friendly Vegetable Bites: