AMAV's Winter-Themed Kit is Ideal for Kids Who Have an Affinity Toward Crafts

 - Jun 11, 2019
References: amazon
AMAV's crafty kit allows kids to engage in a creative activity which will result in sparkly DIY glitter domes. The toy is ideal for the winter holidays, as its aesthetic is themed after the colder time of year. Embracing the festive spirit, AMAV's product makes for exceptional room decor.

One can create three different DIY glitter domes with one kit. This allows for the activity to be a communal one. The set features molding clay which comes in 12 colors, glitter, and three domes. The centerpiece of the dome can be crafted out of the clay, allowing for endless possibility and an open canvas for the child's imagination.

Through activities like this, parents can create the space for interactive activities that can be done with the whole family or with friends.